Looking for desktops, laptops,parts ect. Working or not working that you have just laying around wondering what to do with them. I will take them off your hands and can pick up. I love to tinker and fix them. Anything I can not use does get recycled so please help keep them out of the landfill.
In desperate need of a working sewing machine for a community project.
Wanting a front facing car seat for my 2 year old granddaughter please and thank you
Looking for full size mattress or futon. In decent condition bug. free.
I'm looking for pavers, flowers and or items to make flower beds around my yard. Pavers for a make shift patio so I can utilize my bbq & table.
My daughter is learning knitting and sewing, any items would help. Needles, yarn, books etc.
My daughter is becoming interested in vintage record albums but we need a record player. Better yet a stereo system with a turntable.