Looking for full size mattress or futon. In decent condition bug. free.
I'm looking for pavers, flowers and or items to make flower beds around my yard. Pavers for a make shift patio so I can utilize my bbq & table.
i need a vaccum. I have inspection on the 13th and my part won't be complete until i vaccum. i went to do it and mine quit working. please help and thank you in advance.
My daughter is learning knitting and sewing, any items would help. Needles, yarn, books etc.
My daughter is becoming interested in vintage record albums but we need a record player. Better yet a stereo system with a turntable.
Looking for scrap pieces 20x20 or larger. Also 2x2s or 2x4s 12-16 inches long or more. Thanks....
I am looking for very cheap or free baby items! I am looking for a wonderful couple who work very hard but are barely getting by and I am disabled and I am trying to help where I can but I am barely scraping by! They re in need of a crib, a swing, a bouncer, a floor playmat, books, a bassinet, anything will help! Thank you and God bless you
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